For Women Who Love Whales

Watercolour by Rachel Byler

Those close to me know I hold a sacred space in my heart for the Southern Resident Orca Whales of the Salish Sea. They came to me in a significant dream over ten years ago, and ever since, I’ve tried to learn as much about them as I could. This has led to some pretty amazing experiences…like joining and matchmaking humans to orcas, building enormous orca puppets, walking 10K with other orca lovers against the KM pipeline, teaching elementary school students about their matriarchal family structures, and serendipitously camping with a whale researcher on San Juan Island! All the while, experiencing many more vivid dreams about orcas. 

So, it’s a rip in the heart to recently learn that three of our residents have gone missing and are presumed dead, dropping their total population to a mere 73 whales.  These animals are in peril and I just can’t sit on my hands. 

Heal yourself and help the orcas too
I’m donating 15% of my consultation fees between Aug 14th and Sept 14th to two organizations dedicated to making a difference to their survival:

1) The Centre for Whale Research on San Juan Island, WA. They’ve been studying these animals for 43 years and work hard to educate the public and are one of their fiercest protectors. 

2) Pull Together – a campaign to fund indigenous legal challenges against the TMX Pipeline, by RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs) Trust. Pipelines mean more tanker traffic, noise pollution, and potential deadly bitumen spills.

Book and pay for an online Homeopathy consultation before Sept 14, 2019, and I’ll donate 15% of my fee to the organization of your choice. 

Photos by Chris Marshall and Karin Beviere

And if you have a sister, a girlfriend or mother needing support with their health goals, please share this offer with them because if it’s an initial consult, I’ll donate 20%.

The height of summer is THE time to work on generating more vitality so that it’s as strong as possible during the colder months; and Homeopathic medicine offers an individualized approach to this by helping release pain, emotion and that which is no longer serving you, preventing you from living your most energetic life. 

September 14th is my birthday, and my greatest pleasure would be to send donations that we, as women who love whales, have generated together through the spinning of a web homeopathic healing. 

To book a session, please contact me here.

Karin Beviere DCH 
Homeopathic Practitioner 
Student Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Online Consultations | Women’s Health

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