Oysterfest – Celebrating Calcarea Carbonica’s Healing Power!

The homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonica is made from oyster shells. It has many wide-ranging application but is especially good for joint, bones and teeth problems.

Let’s expand on Calc-carb as a useful remedy.

In TCM, mineral ‘herbs’ are considered ‘heavy’ as they draw energy downward, and oyster shells are specifically used to anchor and calm the spirit. When the spirit is restless this can lead to insomnia, palpitations or anxiety.

In Homeopathy, we can individualize this even more. The insomnia of someone needing Calc Carb looks like this: ideas crowd your mind and you just can’t fall asleep. Or you start at every single noise and think you’re going crazy. Or the same disagreeable idea or horrible image comes to mind as soon as you close your eyes, which makes you very cautious about watching the news or other disturbing images. The anxiety is so stressful because there is such a strong mental fog and poor memory that a) you aren’t able to keep up with what’s going on and b) someone’s going to notice and c) working harder just makes it worse. It tends to increase as the day goes on and heightens in the evening, after a long day of mental exertion.

The art of practising Homeopathy is deep listening with a few really good questions. If I can do this, it will reveal the pearl in the oyster, the true heart of problem, the root cause of the disorder, and that will lead to a good prescription. So it’s not good enough to have anxiety that’s worse in the evening, difficulty falling asleep, mental fog – there’s still lots of remedies other than Calc-C that can help with that. So along with these emotional symptoms, it’s only a good prescription if the physical symptoms are there too. 

Here are some signs you’d see:

1. Catches cold easily. These folks are chilly and feel worse for cold and damp….but they can overheat easily too and then have hot flushes. Their hands and feet are cold and clammy, and they hate a draft.  Warming up makes them feel better all over.

2. Poorly assimilates food. People who have a very slow metabolism and gain weight easily. They’re sensitive to milk and crave boiled eggs. They may also crave some weird things like chalk or pencils because they might be anemic. They’re often constipated and the strange thing is that this usually makes them feel better.

3. Sweating. Like with mental exertion, physical exertion exhausts them. They easily break into a sweat. In TCM, this is seen as a qi deficiency. Their sweat smells sour – as does their vomit, stool and urine. They may even have a sour taste in the mouth. 

This remedy can help with:

– back, joint, tooth pain: worse cold, wet weather 

– fractures that heal too slowly, sprains

– frequent colds, with lots of sneezing, then settling in the chest as a dry cough with chest pain, worse movement

– constipation, candida

– cramps: calves, hands, feet, toes – worse at night, during pregnancy

– exhaustion, weakness

– heavy periods 

The oyster needs it’s hard shell to protect its weak, soft, vulnerability that has little strength to survive without it. Calc-carb is a wonderful remedy to help clear the fog, relieve anxiety, and bring more strength with better sleep.

This is a very common homeopathic remedy, basically used since in its inception, and it has thousands of years of analogous use in TCM. The wisdom of natural medicine prevails. 

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