“I have been fortunate to have received Karin Beviere’s homeopathy services for over 12 years now.  Homeopathy as a healing modality has always worked for me, no doubt due to Karin’s prescriptions for remedies as a gifted professional.  Her constitutional remedies led me to recovery from chronic scar tissue injuries, acute pain from surgery complications, and long held emotional trauma.  Consultations with Karin are an integral part of the healing process, a time when she gently guides one through reflections on their experience of their health with careful listening.  My own experience with homeopathy under Karin care gave me the confidence to refer both my children to her, where again, her remedies resulted in significant healing to long standing health issues for both my son and daughter.  Karin has also helped me understand how to use certain remedies to boost my immune response, deal with allergies, and respond with “first aid” remedies for pain.  Homeopathy has become a key component in my healthcare as a safe, noninvasive, and undeniably effective treatment modality.”

– Bhavani Chlopan

“Before I came to see Karin, I felt like my body was falling apart. My life was so busy that my physical issues had spun out of control. The doctors didn’t know what to do with me and I was afraid I was spiralling downward with my health. By the end of the 6 months my symptoms had made a massive shift. My body was functioning again, I wasn’t scared any more. I felt like I was back holding the reigns of my life again.  I felt so held by the 6 month program that Karin laid out. Knowing that someone was on my side and had my back as I was recovering was invaluable. I would recommend this wise, highly intuitive and caring woman to anyone who is serious about needing help with their health. Thank you, Karin”

– Gaianna Love, Sacred Sexuality Educator + Coach, pureblissloving.com

“When I found Karin Beviere, my life turned around. She was recommended to me by another mom who said that she could help with some of the behavioural issues I was having with my two small children. Transitions were so hard for them both, and it was making my life so difficult. I was tired and worn down, frustrated with 30 years of allopathic care that had never really helped. After our first year with Karin, we were all feeling so much better. Karin has totally relieved all my asthma symptoms, helped to heal my irritable bowel syndrome, helped me to sleep better and reduced my pre-menstrual symptoms to almost nothing. For my children, we developed a good program for them to address some of their fears, growing pains, improve their immunity, help them sleep and transition better. Our lives improved immensely. Now, it has been more than five years since we began with Karin and we always turn to her when our systems need a little tune up. Thank-you so much Karin for your care and attention to our health.”

– Rachel Bevington