Karin Beviere

Meet me!

I’m a Classical Homeopath focused on women’s  health needs and I love to empower women on caring for themselves and their family effectively with natural remedies and wisdom.

I offer online consults using Homeopathic Medicine, Biochemic tissue salts and Gemmotherapy (plant stem cell tinctures) to support a holistic approach to greater vitality and health.

I have practiced and taught classes in Homeopathy since 2004, after completing the four year professional program in Homeopathic Medicine at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. I am grateful to my incredible teachers then: Murray Feldman RSHom, Laurie Back RSHom, Susan Gimbel RSHom, Kim Boutillier RSHome and Dr. Lianne South ND, and since: Karen Allen, RSHom, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Hu L.AC and Dr. Ganglin Yin Dr. TCM.

I will be completing my 5 year degree as Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spring 2021.

I live and practice from on Salt Spring Island, unceded territory of the Coast Salish people, supporting women and new mothers navigate this healing opportunity that is called life.

Write me!

I would love to hear from you and help you with your condition.

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