Karin Beviere

Meet me!

I’m a Classical Homeopath focused on prenatal care, women + children’s health and I love to empower women on caring for their family effectively with natural remedies and wisdom.

Becoming a mother has deeply informed my practice because my pregnancy began in the midst of my 4-year studies in Homeopathic Medicine.

Due to a genetic condition with a 50% chance of being passed on, my early pregnancy was so stressful, and involved risky genetic testing. On top of that, I had recently moved; I was a city girl barely settled on my new island home, facing difficult issues without many folks to talk to.

Could it have been more divine timing that I was commuting every month into the embrace of my homeopathic community of mentors and students?  Expertly supported by my homeopath and well-selected medicines for each emotional and physical challenge of the journey, I was able to navigate this very difficult time. My last trimester was peaceful with minor symptoms, and my daughter was born healthy! She is now 16 and has used Homeopathic and natural medicine her whole life and is a very resilient teenager.

I graduated from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2004.  I still live, practice and teach on Salt Spring Island, unceded territory of the Coast Salish people, supporting women, new moms, and their children navigate this healing opportunity that is called life.  I also offer services online and in Victoria, BC.

My daughter and I on our way to school. 2002.

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