It’s Gemmotherapy Season

And I don’t mean gemstones.  Gemmo is Latin for “bud” and Gemmotherapy tinctures are made from the buds of plants.

Gemmotherapy is a wonderful hybrid therapy that lies closer on the scale to herbalism than homeopathy and it stands out for using tinctures that are slightly diluted to help cell drainage.  All gemmotherapy tinctures are made from the buds of plants instead of leaves/roots/flowers/barks as budding is the time when a plant is teaming with life.

It’s also known as Plant Stem Cells Therapy (PST) because of its potential for rejuvenation and regeneration.  Buds hold the code for the entire plant and have unique chemical components that can:

  • stimulate cell growth
  • provide better resistance to disease
  • help regenerate tissue
  • modulate inflammation
  • stimulate RNA and protein synthesis
  • prevent cancer
  • regulate and optimize apoptosis (cell death)

Gemmotherapy tinctures are made in water, glycerine AND alcohol, so it contains therapeutic benefits not possible to achieve by extraction of one of these alone.

Detoxification is a multi-step process, and Gemmotherapy helps by gently opening up elimination pathways and stimulating organ systems to detox towards them.

Some of my favorite Gemmos include:

  • Ribes Nigrum for allergic constitutions.
  • Rosa Canina for strengthening the immune system against viruses.
  • Abies Pectinata for children who have difficulty absorbing nutrition from their food.
  • Rosemarinus Officinalis combined with Rubus Ideaus (Raspberry) to detox the female reproductive system.
  • Tilia Tomentosa and Ficus Carica to help calm the nervous system and bring about sleep.
  • Rosemarinus with Juniperus Communis to detox the liver and kidney systems.  This is a wonderful spring cleansing protocol that helps clear many elimination pathways and can leave you feeling revitalized.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.  It’s this adage that led me to discover this helpful group of healing tinctures for at times, what seemed to be a good homeopathic remedy, would appear to not be working as well as it could.  By targeting a sluggish system in the body with Gemmos, the constitutional remedy would again pick up momentum and progress would continue.

Gemmos are wonderful to assist with seasonal transitions and taking a course of them for a couple of weeks four times a year is very helpful for maintaining vitality.

For questions on Gemmotherapy or to book an appointment to apply this modality to your health and wellness approach, please contact me here.




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