Biochemic Tissue Salts

By the time I’d reached the end of my 4-year homeopathic training, I felt like my brain was so full of medicinal information on thousands of substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdom, I couldn’t possibly absorb another bit.  And then we were given an overview on Biochemic cell salts.  “File that for later!”, was my immediate reaction. But really, I should’ve taken the cell salt Kali-phos that nourishes the nervous system for 3 weeks to recover from the mental exhaustion of school.

It took a couple of years before I finally delved into the healing benefits of cell salts (also called tissue salts, mineral salts or bioplasma cell salts) in my practice and I’m so glad I didn’t delay any longer.  This therapeutic has proved to be an invaluable part of my practice.

Akin to a 3rd cousin of homeopathy, the only similarity between these two therapies is that both are diluted – the mineral salts just slightly so that there is still some biochemical material matter left in the preparation, but making them so much easier to absorb than conventional mineral supplementation.  Primarily, they are considered a nutritional adjunct to your homeopathic care as many of our health conditions can be traced to a malabsorption.  We know that the soil is depleted due to inconsiderate farming practices and the rise of stress in everyday life creates many physical problems that can disrupt proper nourishment.

To delve into detailed descriptions about each salt, what role they play in the body and how to take them, here is a very useful resource written by Miranda Castro, RSHom : Homeopathy Today: Tissue Salts.


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