“I have been fortunate to have received Karin Beviere’s homeopathy services for over 12 years now.  Homeopathy as a healing modality has always worked for me, no doubt due to Karin’s prescriptions for remedies as a gifted professional.  Her constitutional remedies led me to recovery from chronic scar tissue injuries, acute pain from surgery complications, and long held emotional trauma.  Consultations with Karin are an integral part of the healing process, a time when she gently guides one through reflections on their experience of their health with careful listening.  My own experience with homeopathy under Karin care gave me the confidence to refer both my children to her, where again, her remedies resulted in significant healing to long standing health issues for both my son and daughter.  Karin has also helped me understand how to use certain remedies to boost my immune response, deal with allergies, and respond with “first aid” remedies for pain.  Homeopathy has become a key component in my healthcare as a safe, noninvasive, and undeniably effective treatment modality.”

– Bhavani Chlopan